Why you need a Test Environment Management function! May 30, 2018 – Posted in: Service Management – Tags:

In today’s fast changing world, at times, the lines between business and IT blur. The more you understand your business the more effectively you will be able to deliver solutions. The speed of implementation is the ultimate key to success in such a fast-changing context. In order to increase your speed and shift from typical waterfall project management to Agile, you are required to set-up some ground rules which act as a foundation to build an Agile and DevOps enabled world. DevOps and Agile are great management practices, but it takes time for them mature in the organisation, especially when the organisation is running on Waterfall project management.

Test Environment Management acts as game changer which defines ground rules, best practices and standards which help you to place the seeds of Agile and DevOps in order to improve time to market.

If you want to know more about Test Environment Management, get an overview in Test Environment Management: A Quick Guide to Direct Environment Success.

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