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In today’s world, requirements change frequently and it becomes very hard to control three dimensions – namely cost, quality and time. This sometimes results in not giving the required attention to the test environment and underestimating its power. Neglecting test environment management results is compromising the testing and test coverage, which have a direct impact on quality of the product.

But if you want to succeed in such situations, always remember a few keys to success:

  • Create a one-stop shop for all environment requirements which can help the organisation effectively in managing resources e.g. software, applications, infrastructures, etc. It is an initial investment but it will have longer term benefits in managing and controlling test environments.
  • Keep environment strategy up to date – You should first create an environment strategy which aligns with organisational objectives and keep it up to date. It is a very important document which helps the organisation to understand their investment. Considering the increase in challenges in environment management and strategy planning, it has become a necessity. This planning may play an important role in implementing test environment services, so that the test environment management function works.
  • Automation¬†– It’s highly recommended to avoid any manual activity in the test environment function. It comes with an initial cost but plays a huge role in improving efficiency. There is always resistance to automation before implementing it because of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. But ultimately automation accelerates the results and helps in achieving maximum test coverage by automation and service virtualisation. After the initial investment, this gives significant cost savings if implemented correctly.

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