Test Environment Management – Stepping Stone of Your DevOps Journey June 3, 2018 – Posted in: Service Management – Tags: ,

The objective of DevOps is to release software at a faster rate, with rapid deployment and without much disruption. DevOps also introduces cross functional team working and a concept and collaboration culture. In terms of testing, testers spend a significant amount time and effort to automate test to achieve speed and coverage.

So now It becomes very critical to have the right code, right version, right config and right data in a test environment else this will have a direct impact on quality and schedule.

Test Environment Management services facilitate a responsive model along with a set of standards, best practices which bring discipline in basic aspects of software delivery. The Test Environment Management function enables a production like environment where the cross functional team can move quickly and easily, identifying the problem quickly and covering all possible testing to ensure the quality of the deliverables.

Bringing Developers, Operations and QA in on a single ‘play’ area and providing them with agility and flexibility to perform checks, enables them to own their own work rather than hand it from one team to another. It creates an ultimate collaborative culture which is the first step to start the DevOps journey. If you want to know how to create a test environment management service, have a look at the Test Environment Management: A Quick Guide to Direct Environment Success.

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