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In a year when the Service Management community has been presented with VeriSM and will get major updates to ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ITIL®, a book has been published that adds new perspectives to what these frameworks present.

Service Management – it’s all about the People combines Integral Psychology and Service Management. It shows a human-oriented perspective on Service Management that takes multiple perspectives on how to best provide services to your customers. Perspectives that until now have been little explored in existing Service Management frameworks, such as the influence of organisational culture, communication and structure; but also aspects of the people working in a service provider organisation: their attitude, motivation, behaviour, knowledge and emotional state.

All these aspects can be at varying levels of maturity and as a service provider you should adapt your service management practices to the maturity of your organisation and the people in it. Doing so ensures smoother, more efficient and more cost-effective service provisioning to the customers and a higher level of value-creation for the end-users.

The model presented in the book integrates all these aspects of Service Management and shows how they are related to each other. It stresses that all aspects are equally important, but that eventually Service Management comes down to what people do and how they are enabled to provide the best service experience they can. Service Management is, after all, about the people providing services to other people.

The author, Dolf van der Haven, is a Dutch Service Management consultant with over twenty years’ experience with service providers. He is also a qualified coach and counsellor. Dolf is member of the ISO/IEC committee developing the ISO/IEC 20000 series of standards for Service Management.

Service Management – It’s All About the People is available on Amazon.


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