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There are more and more projects out there these days, most of them not large-sized, and all involved with the projects need to understand what needs to happen if the projects are going to be successful – not just the project managers, but everyone who is involved; managers, users, team members and stakeholders.

More and more organisations are becoming aware of the benefits that a single, common, structured method of project management can bring, and how it can help their business compete with its competitors. The PM4A book describes a structured method of project management that can be applied to all types of project, regardless of the size of the project or business, and whether you are a sole trader, small business or international corporation.

The method is based on the experience of many project managers – some who have contributed from their mistakes or omissions, others from their success. It is for both those who have no or little experience of working in a project environment, and those that have experience, but are looking for a simplified method to run a project successfully, but without having to create and maintain the numerous documents, logs and lists etc; that are required in other more complicated methods of project management.

Spread PM4A around and stand by to reap the benefits. Buy the PM4A manual.

About the Author

Colin Bentley has been a project manager since 1966 and has managed many projects, large and small, in several countries. He has acted as project management consultant to such firms as The London Stock Exchange, Microsoft Europe, Tesco Stores, Commercial Union and the BBC. Now retired, he has had over thirty books published about project management. Colin wrote the original PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) manual and was its Chief Examiner until his retirement. PRINCE2 was the most successful project management method ever launched to offer an accredited certificate in a method of project management,.

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