Service Management: It’s All About the People


The traditional focus of Service Management led some people to believe it is a framework of rigid processes and organisational structures to which they must adapt their way of working. However, Service Management is primarily about people, not about documentation or rigid application of processes.

This book presents a framework for Service Management called the Integral Service Management Framework (ISMF), which adds multiple perspectives to traditional Service Management that have not been emphasised sufficiently elsewhere. The ISMF is based on Integral Psychology: psychology using approaches from many different perspectives that all contain part of the truth, but only when used together permit a complete view of the person. The power of Integral Psychology is that it permits us to look at Service Management from a large number of different perspectives that otherwise easily get ignored: culture, communication, motivation, behaviour. Integral Psychology applied to Service Management leads to a more human-oriented and value-driven way of providing services.

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ISBN Paperback: 9781912651061
ISBN eBook: 9781912651078



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