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The era has gone where the team has lots of time to understand system and user expectations. In a fast-changing context, if you need to understand the system which you are changing, you need an environment where you can play like a user.

Test environment management enables you to facilitate a ‘live like’ environment which speeds up the project and release schedules. This also helps in reducing infra cost, and it drastically changes the tester’s mindset which helps in increasing productivity.

Some of the key benefits of test environment management are below:

  • Test environment management provides end-to-end visibility on the application and infrastructure landscape which helps the project team to understand the solution in a better way.
  • Test environments help the test team to increase test coverage and scope of testing. Also, better selection and utilisation of test assets reduces testing cost.
  • A matured test environment function within the organisation reduces time to market.
  • Test environment management standardises the release operation and provides better control over changes.
  • The knowledge base of the environment function helps in optimising test requirements and test cases. It also relieves the burden on the project test team to acquire, analyse, process, deploy and refresh production-level data as necessary for driving tests at the earliest stages of development.
  • Test environment management provides greater coordination, greater control of change, robust governance and measurable outcomes.

If you want to know more, please read Test Environment Management.

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